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あまりに悲しいニュースでした。SPITALFIELDが現在のツアーを最後に解散することを発表しました。「I Loved The Way She Said "L.A."」をはじめ、本当に人々の心に残る曲を作ることのできる数少ないバンドのひとつでした。悲しすぎますが 『Remember Right Now』!、彼らを決して忘れません。メンバーからのコメントは下記のとおり。

Dearest fans & friends,

After nine years, nine countries, over a thousand shows and more than a lifetime worth of memories, it comes with a heavy heart that Spitalfield will be calling it quits. This choice has been one of the hardest things any of us have ever gone through, as the decision has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of passion for making music together or love for each other.

On a brighter note, we won’t be going out without a bang! We’d like to announce our final tour, which will be a very bittersweet and emotional stretch of dates for us. We will be hitting twenty-five cities this Nov/Dec with support from The Forecast, The Graduate, Ludo & Attention. This is a Curtain Call: Spitalfield’s Final Shows. On our page is a list of the confirmed dates- with a handful more cities waiting to be finalized. Tickets will be going on sale this coming Saturday, September 15th.

Also, for all of you long time followers- we are excited to announce that we will be releasing a very limited edition disc through Sinister Label / Walk in Cold Records, which will feature the entire out of print “pre-Victory” catalogue as well as select demos (1998 - 2002) all on one album. These will only be available for purchase on the farewell tour and through one online store—details and press release will be coming soon.

We’d like to send out a most sincere thank you to all of our fans, friends & families. You have made all the difference in the world to us all along the way with your love, support and faith in us, both as musicians and as people. To the bands that we have looked up to, been inspired by and/or shared the stage with—we appreciate the talent & friendships that you have shared with us. Last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to our amazing crew, who has spent long & hard hours with us on tour, behind desks and in the studio over the years. I don’t know what we would have done without you all. Does this feel like the end of The Wizard of Oz to anybody else? In all honesty, it’s so difficult to try to convey everything we’re feeling and everything that we’d like to say. So, for now…

“You felt alive like a motion picture. It’s just a matter of where you are when you’re awake. When you fall asleep, this music will end. Forget everything. Your dreams will remember right now.”

We’ll miss this so much,
Mark, JD & TJ

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